The Legal Nurse Consultant provides 
medical and nursing opinions as the expert on
 health, illness and the health care system

Screen or investigate medical malpractice cases for merit

Identify and review medical records for hospital and long term care Federal and State regulations

Define the applicable standards of care
Locate and interface with expert witnesses

Define deviations from and adherence to the standards of care

Interview clients, key witnesses and experts with lawyers present or with permission

Assess the damages/injuries
Identify types of testifying experts needed

Identify factors that cause or contribute to the alleged damages/injuries

Serve as liaison between the attorney, the health care providers and testifying experts

Summarize medical records, facts, diagnosis studies and procedures

When relevant, attend depositions, trials, review panels and arbitration and mediations hearings

Organize, tab and paginate medical records
Develop life care plans

Research literature. Integrate the findings and the standards of care into a case analysis


The major role of the legal nurse consultant is to educate jurors, attorneys, judges, plaintiff or defendant clients, laymen, resource consultants.

As a legal nurse consultant, I do not speak for the client, but rather represent and speak for the nursing profession. The client is not the focus, but may be the beneficiary of the LCN's involvement in the case. The deviations from nursing standards of care are often overlooked and not addressed and, therefore, not included in the alleged damages/injuries.

The LCN can save the attorney time and money by developing a strong case through investigation, research and case theme.

Bettye Reed, RN, BSN, CLNC
3612 Rock Creek Drive
Crowley, TX 76036

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